About Us


Stocklotsforsale.com is a Stocklot exporter specializing on trading of Stocklot Garments, closeouts, excess inventory and overstocks. The company was established in year 2004. The main business is selling and buying excess inventory, closeouts, stocklots and surplus merchandise from manufactures. We buy excess inventory from various factories and supply to the rest of world. 

Stocklotsforsale.com is a international online wholesale Clothing & Leather supplier for Men’s, Women’s & Children’s designer clothing and accessories. We are consistently looking to expand our client & supplier base on an international level. Currently, we supply whole sale international buyers, online stores, drop-shippers, e-bay retailers and home based businesses around the world in regions such as North America, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.

Our Mission

Stocklotsforsale.com has a mission to provide the best customer service at most competitive pricing to our clients for the wholesale clothing we offer. We are on a mission to provide friendly and fast customer service along with a professional experience that will leave an everlasting impression on our clients. Stocklotsforsale.com strives to achieve customer satisfaction and excellence in addition to passing on huge savings so clients can further their own businesses’ profitability. There are many competitors selling the same type of wholesale clothing merchandise we offer, however none of these competitors will provide the type of savings and the quality of service we do whether you buy wholesale clothes in a lot of 20 pieces or 500 pieces. Our objectives are: provide our customers with continuous supplies of stocklots, excess inventory, closeouts and surplus merchandise and help manufacturers to turn their excess inventory into cash. To achieve our objectives, we have built up a sourcing system which enables us to source different kinds of excess inventory from our country on a continuous basis. And we have a group of sourcing executives to obtain full information as well as procure samples from manufacturers or suppliers from other sources. Having located the excess inventory, we offer to our international buyers. 

Our Buyers

Our buyers come from USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East and almost all part of the world. We have an increasing network of international buyer of excess inventory. To reach more prospective buyers, we have built up our online Stocklotsforsale Website, which shows our entire excess inventory on the internet. At Stocklotsforsale.com we act as your broker and provide our service in order to help you attain the goods from our wholesale partners and suppliers based through out North America, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. We work with agents around the world to maximize our variety and service to you as the customer which is why we have a broad range or items. We work as your broker and attain the goods you order, working on your behalf. Once your items are paid for by you, they ship directly from the source to you. We work on your behalf and have one of our suppliers deliver the item you requested from our site. 

Our Products

All of our wholesale clothing product offerings are carefully selected and have passed various quality control inspections. We sell grade A++ brand new authentic surplus and factory overrun wholesale clothing merchandise allowing us to offer you the consistent low prices. You will find many brand product offerings at any given time and a rapidly updating product list, so be sure to check back very often. The nature of the wholesale clothing business is very fast paced and demanding and thus product availability can be limited as demand tends to be higher then supply with a lot of our offerings. If you see an offering you are interested in, we would advise you to make your purchase as soon as possible since quantities are always limited. 

We are committed to excellence and appreciate any feedback from our customers. If you find difficulties in using our website or have suggestions that will help us serve you better, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving you and giving you our full commitment for your full satisfaction