Drop Shipping

So what is drop shipping? Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not physically stock any of the goods. Very simply, it works in the following manner: You are the retailer selling our products online or offline - you get orders from your clients for the goods we offer and then collect 100% payment upfront. You then place an order with us for those goods and remit payment to us while keeping the margin made between the price we offer you and the retail price you charged your client. We then ship the goods directly to your clients and provide you with the tracking details. We have provided extensive information on our drop shipping program through the links below.

How its Works?

Drop shipping is a very good way to start a business with little investment or to add additional products and suppliers to your existing catalogue of items. The diagram below describes how the drop shipping cycle works.

Step 1 - Choose the products from our web catalog which you want to sell. Use our pictures and descriptions to list them on your own site or on any other site you please. Markup the items to whatever price you please.

Step 2 - Sell Sell Sell. Once you make a sale to a buyer, they are going to pay you 100% upfront at the retail asking price you set plus the shipping charge. For example, you sell 25 Men’s shirts to your client for $300 plus shipping.

Step 3 - Log on to our website and place your order as we will instruct you. You give us your clients shipping address and remit payment to us which will be the wholesale cost - The 25 Men’s shirts you sold cost $270 wholesale plus shipping so that's what you remit to us via any of the payment methods we accept.

Step 4 – Stocklots For Sale ships the products direct to your client and we forward you the tracking details which you can forward to your client. You collected $300 plus shipping from your client, remitted $270 plus shipping to us and kept the profit of $30!

We never communicate with your client through out the entire process.


Drop shipping is one of the fastest growing methods used to start a new business. It is a win-win situation and there are many benefits as outlined below.

Develop a Low Risk E - Commerce Business Model using our resources - Drop Shipping is a sought after business model when you are risk averse and still want to fetch respectable revenues

Zero Inventory - You are omit from building a strong inventory of goods for sale, leave inventory storage and management to us

No Shipping Involved - You simply pass on the orders to us and we take care of all order fulfillment and logistic issues, you don't even need to see or touch the goods

Sell Unlimited Products - With no inventory to maintain, you can expand your business and sell unlimited products without getting bothered of inventory related issues

$0 Investment - Sell our products and collect 100% upfront from your clients therefore requiring absolutely NO investment on your part

Confidentiality Agreement - The identity of your drop shipping client stays confidential, they deal with you and only with you